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A Review of Truth Calkins' Jing City Product

Posted on October 23, 2012 at 5:25 PM

When I started watching videos streaming in from the Longevity Warehouse, I was a little afraid that these superfood tonics and smoothies were over-the-top and not really necessary. Boy, was I wrong! For those who are merely surviving on a healthy diet, superfoods and supplements I believe are the next step to replenish and feed the body with more vigor. With the level of toxicity we live in day in and day out, you really do have to "up your game" sometimes.

When I started watching the videos with Truth Calkins shedding light on Chinese herbalism and his new product Jing City, I was drawn in immediately.

How many people do you know who are just zapped? Run down? Nerves feel fried to a crisp? If you live in North America, that is unfortunately most of us.

Jing City really does do what it claims to do. Watch the video and get product information HERE. It is the creamist, earthy, chocolatey "coffee"-like beverage EVER! It is unbelievably SCRUMPTIOUS! My first sip of it had me literally say, "I could drink this the rest of my life." When it comes to self-care, pristine beverages bursting with nutrition really take the [vegan] cake.

Jing City makes you feel unwound, relaxed but not sleepy. The absolutely perfect substitute for coffee, why not nourish and FEED your glands instead of taking away from them? Coffee is chock-full of caffeine as we all know, so what is the big deal? When you drink caffeine especially on a regular basis, you deplete your adrenal glands. HERE is a great article on coffee's effect on the body posted on Natural News.

Jing City truly nourishes, well, your jing! What is your jing anyway? In Chinese medicine, it is also known as your essence, and it is connected to the kidneys. It is considered most dense physical matter within the body. In Western medicine, it would be referred to as DNA material. When your jing is sapped, you feel unmotivated and tired. Jing is your LIFE FORCE. Impaired jing can also lead to premature aging, developmental issues, sexual problems, and issues with bone and teeth health. Jing is said to be passed down from you at birth. So if you inherited less jing from stressed out parents OR you're feeling drained from the stresses of life- especially after work, then you want to pay some attention to your essence and feed it some tonic herbs. :)

Try Jing City when you can... it is truly worth it, and let yourself unwind and destress with a succulent beverage after your day!

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